Sunday, June 1, 2008

catching up....

My goodness has it been quit a long time since I've been on here...I've been so busy but it feels so good to be back again!!
Well today I bought a few more veggi's for my garden and some more herbs and a few perennials for my other garden, and of course I bought to many and I'm struggling to find room in my garden...especially with my angelica plant (more like a tree)...You see I planted it last year and it didn't get to big and then this year it's like a Jack and the bean stock...pretty soon I'll be able to climb it:-) Anyway my garden is looking really nice I love poking around in it, I don't even mind the weeding...
I will take pictures tomorrow to show you an updated picture of my herb/flower/butterfly garden and I'll take a few pic's of my veggi/fruit garden too!! I also want to show you pic's of Ricky's birdhouse the one he made with his daddy...the best part is that there is a bird living in it:-)
I have so much to show you and alot of catching up to do!! So you will have lots to read and I will have lots to until then...

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  1. Yea! I am so glad to have you back!! :) I know how busy life can be though - I took a break from HSL for awhile, but am back as well and am loving it! I am gald to catch up with you!! I can't wait to look at the pictures of your garden!


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