Wednesday, June 4, 2008

cowboy unit

Well today we kinda hung low because of the rainy weather. We started a summer workbook that I picked's by the Rainbow bridge publishing called Summer bridge Activities. It's really nice because the whole book covers everything reading/writing,and math.
We also started our cowboy unit and Ricky was glued to every word I said. We learn all about the day in the life of a cowboy. He really liked the "uniform" of a cowboy. So we did alittle roll playing and dressed up like cowboys. It was such a fun afternoon. Tomorrow we're going to learn about branding...I'm going to make potatoe stamps and have them brand a picture of a cow:-) School is so FUN!!!


  1. The photos are just too cute!! Looks like you are having a blast even with the rain! :)

  2. Oh I LOVE this post of yours. Makes me want to come on over and join in the fun =)

  3. Oh, I have the preschool to Kindergarten book from the series coming for Danny. A bit of a head start so to speak! :)


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