Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My treasures around the house

Here is my willow tree started four years ago when I received my first piece which was the mother and baby.

Here is the display above the t.v. in the living room.

And last but not least is a vast that my husband grandmother gave me shortly before she passed away. Not only is in sentimental but it's also traveled farther than I have. My hubby's grandmother's sister brought it back for her from Portugal over 30 years ago. Grandma treasured it and truly loved this piece as do I!!


  1. O.K. Can I just start drooling now!?! *laughs* I LOVE your willow tree collection! Aren't they just the coolest! I am so glad you are participating in this. You are the first one. :) And yes, you do need an invite for the bookgroup. Can you PM me at the HSL with your email address? We'll be deciding the next book soon. You don't have to join in the conversation if you don't want to for the book right now, but you can have a look around. Let me know! I am SOOO excited! Anyway, love your treasures!

  2. Wonderful pictures! Your willow tree collection is beautiful and I love how you have them all displayed!

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  4. Your Grandmother's pedestal and planter are absolutely gorgeous! What a treasure! Come over and share your garden pictures with us on Bloomin' Tuesday!

  5. I just loved this peek at your treasures! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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