Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding cake I made in a day...

Here are a couple of pictures of the cake that I made this past weekend. This was the cake from HELL...everything that could go wrong for me...DID...Like the kids eating the cake when they weren't being watched for 2 min by grandma. So I had to make and bake and decorate this cake in one day plus go in to work for a couple of hours....but I did it and all is well and they were very happy with the cake:-)


  1. Oh awfully stressful that must have been, but the cake is beautiful and I can't believe you pulled all of that off in ONE day plus working, you are a supermom to say the LEAST. LOL

    I just saw 27 dresses yesterday after my pepere's funeral...I need to relax and watch something light hearted and it was perfect.

  2. It's beautiful!!!! Wow! I checked out your website for cakes too, and love your pieces! You truly are gifted! And to think it all started with that class at Michaels! Very cool!


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