Friday, August 8, 2008

Caila starting school....

Well I feel so bad for my poor little Caila who is 2 years old. You see since I've been starting this journey through homeschooling I would have Caila sit in her chair and color while I worked with Ricky on his school workbooks, and it seemed that at least 2 out of the 5 days she would "act up" and try to get Ricky's attention...until yesterday when i found a "colors " workbook and read the directions to her....she got right down to business and did just what the directions told her to do!! I guess I WAY underestimated her...I just assumed she was to young to start a formal school. So I'm now looking for stuff for her this fall...and a group I belong to gave the website... which looks so great, so I might try it to see how she likes it.

Phonics for Rick???
I'm also having trouble with finding a phonic curriculum for Ricky for this fall. I decided to buy the Horizon's Math grade K and it looks great, so I was excited to buy the Horizon's phonics until I found out that the Horizon's phonics is very religiously based and that makes me worried/frustrated because I want to teach phonics not religion.
It seems to be so hard to find a secular plan that doesn't involve religion, no offence to anyone it's just we aren't a religious family. So I really don't know what to do because I don't have much longer until September. Any suggestions for a phonics kit or idea's for a 5 year old??

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  1. Jenn, check out explode the code. My kids really liked it and though we bought it thru a christian bookstore, it's not at all religious.

    you can view them here, and if you scroll down you can see all the books in the series from first to last I believe:



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