Monday, December 1, 2008

Another not me Monday...

No matter what anyone tells you..... the following DID NOT happen this last week... NOPE! Check out for more laughs.

1)I am not one of those sick people who went out Thanksgiving night to get a head start on the black friday sales at michaels craft store. I wouldn't do that because I heard that a few people were standing in line waiting to get into the store and opened the front door only to set the alarm off...oh did I mention that that store wasen't open and that it was only select stores that were opening for sales.. I would never be seen there with those hooligins

2)I did not and would not even think of going out on black friday for all those great deals..and even if I did go out on black friday I wouldn't laugh at a lady who insulted a police officer because he gave her a ticket for parking infront of the store.

3)I absolutly didn't laugh at my mother after she told me the story of how she was praying to the white porcelin goddess ( the toliet)...after parting to much at my mother-in-laws birthday party....I wouldn't be a good daughter if I laughed at her;-)

4)I did not spend and would not spend $80 on one lego set for my son, I could never dream of spending that much on a single lego set.

5)And I would never dream of letting my brother-in-law do my make-up for my mother-in-laws birthday party...I mean seriously who would let their brother-in-law do that?? It's not like he would do a better job than me...

6)I did not officially tell my parents that we're trying for another baby...why would I say that...we aren't think about having another one...and we definatly aren't hoping for twins.

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  1. hehe,..these are so cute, and funny! I'm sorry I didn't call you back yet, I will plan to call during some quiet time soon. We do have plans on Sat though already, thanks so much for thinking of us. I hope to see you soon!


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