Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keeping baby Harper in your thoughts and prayers

I found this on another post and felt compeled to share with you because I have always believed in the power of prayer...


My blog-friend Kelly is in need of your prayers RIGHT now. Please, Sundays, get on your knees wherever you are right now and lift her up. She was 40 1/2 weeks pregnant and was induced early this morning. Her daughter Harper was born friday evening around 7 p.m., and had trouble breathing immediately. Today she has just posted pictures of baby Harper and the up date is that they are waiting to hear from the doctor sometime today and I will let everyone know on her blog. Right now Harper is still stable but in VERY critical condition. They think she could be having heart issues. I know God says in the Bible that when two or more agree in His name - He will answer. And they have 2 to 3oo,ooo people praying for them. Their prayer is that all who pray for Harper will see God's might and power and His love in the miracle they know He is going to do for them.
Jesus, we believe in Your power and we know you are healer... in baby Harper's name we pray to you.


  1. Father God,
    We come to you in the Holy name of your son, Jesus Christ, and lift up Baby Harper tonight. We pray that your hand be over this baby and her family, as well as the medical team assisting them. Please give them wisdom in how to proceed with the medical care of this precious little one, and keep your everlasting loving arms wrapped around this family. Allow your light to shine through and touch every person that is involved with Baby Harper and her family. Remind them that you are sovereign and in control of all things. Eventhough we don't understand why things happen the way you do, we recognize that you know the beginning to the end, and your ways are above our ways. Please give these parents the peace that passes all human understanding, and allow them to trust their little one to you. WE pray for a complete recovery for this child, and for your will to be done in her precious life.

    In Jesus name we pray,

  2. Jenn!!! Stop by my blog when you have a minute and meet the newest member of our family ;-)


  3. I made the amish friendship bread last night, and added some chocolate was that good, and fattening!!! =)


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