Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Little signs in life...look for those real moments...

Well I think my good friend Melissa was right. I do believe the God is still giving me signs that he is watching over me because another "sign" came up today. Well I've been researching Oak Meadow and the Waldorf method for Caila's homeschooling curriculum for next year. Just because I think I'm going to need something a little more special for Caila my very especially fidgety child..(not a workbookin' kinda gal) So anyway I found a fantastic program called Oak Meadow and it uses alot of the Waldorf methods which I think Caila would enjoy as well as Ricky...But they are very different children and I think Ricky is more of a book learner and Caila is more like me she like more hands on stuff. So anyway I've wanted to buy this Oak Meadow package for a while BUT it's so expensive...I mean really expensive.
The syllabus (parent guide)= $190.00
Kindergarten Fairy Tales book = $25.00
First book of Crafts = $25.00
then their are add on's that are for grade k-3 which are
k-3 home teacher's process manual =$30.00
The heart of learning = $35.00
Isn't that crazy...So as I was googling it I found the set on Craigslist and e-mailed the women an offer on her listing, and we agreed on the total of $140.00 but when I asked for a grand total including shipping she never got back to me..so after three additional e-mails to her I decided to give up and start my search again so I was looking through Amazon.com books for books that I wanted to order from our library about Waldorf...when BAM I found someone who just posted that day that she wanted to sell her Oak Meadow grade K stuff for $50...can you believe it..yes I typed that correctly $50...I am jumping for joy, plus the seller was so nice because I was having trouble ordering it through Amazon because "my cookie's were enabled" (whatever that means) and she was happy to do an outside of Amazon transaction...yeah I can's wait...there is no way that was a coincidence, that was the Lord telling me to hang in there and our time will come I just have to jump through a few more hoops and it will all be worth it!!
I'm also reading a great book called "Real Moments" written by Barbara DeAngelis
(my mamma gave it to me for strength through these hard time she said it would help me look at things in a different way and instead look for "real moments"
here is a little quote from the book that fits perfectly in my life currently...
"The journey in between what you once were and who are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place."
"In this way, difficult time are usually those times when the greatest amount of change is occurring. They may not be enjoyable times, and they are certainly aren't comfortable times, but they are potent with opportunities for great awakening. And they are ripe for real moments."
"From the womb of darkness, each day the dawn emerges. From the womb of adversity, you emerge with added wisdom and strength."

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  1. Wow you hit the jackpot. I just paid $220 for the math curriculum for 3 kids next year....JUST math. I have been saving up for that. Never mind the other stuff we will need. Hope I could find some good deals like you! WOW! So happy for ya!!


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