Monday, January 25, 2010

To my unborn Child

Womb’s Seed by Tina Louise
Womb warmed world nurtures you,
Heart beat’s song comforts you,
Blinking at the bright light,
Ever developing insight,
Growing daily inside,
Bouncing within a tummy ride,
Foetal images on screen,
Feeling everywhere mummy’s been,
Living her days,
Learning her ways,
Loving her laugh,
Soul’s epitaph.

Crying with her tears,
Shuddering with her fears,
Hiccupping her choices,
Surrounded by new noises,
Soft and loud strange voices,
Echoing being too boisterous,
Safe just where you are,
Mummy’s body is your car,
Carefully tending your every need,
Her one and only precious seed,
Soon to emerge from warm cocoon,
Of mummy’s cosseted, loving womb.

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