Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One gift done two more to do

So I've been busy making Valentine's day gifts everyone and I finished Caila's gift... It's a fabric purse dollhouse.. I got the directions here I didn't follow the direction completely just because I didn't understand it so I do what I do best I wong it:-) I was alot of fun to make and to let you imagination run wild. I can't say that this gift is completely done because I'm going to Felt some wee folk to live in this enchanted home pit for one special princess...


  1. I love this EVEN MORE looking at these pics!!! After you give it to Caila, I want to get my hands on it to examine-and you can talk me through the "ingredients". :) lol

  2. Looks great to me - I love all the details and embellishments.


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