Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You will always be my baby

As I Watch You Sleep-
© Wanda L. Gossett

I watched a little face sleeping,
Eyelashes fluttering so,
I wondered of the dream you were having,
and if Angles were playing there.

I watched a little face sleeping,
Your little mouth was smiling so,
I hope that you are as happy as me,
holding you in my arms.

I watched a little face sleeping,
making sure of the breath you take,
to watch you breathe and keep you safe,
is all that matters to me.

I watched a little face sleeping,
holding your small hand in mine,
five little fingers on each hand,
as one hangs onto mine.

I watched a little face sleeping,
and as I prayed to myself,
I thank God for letting me
watch a little face sleeping.

My son is already changing and it makes me so sad, they really aren't babies for long. It's funny because everyone wants to rush his life by..."I can't wait till he can sit up/crawl/walk/talk...but my husband and I just want to put on the brakes and have Jameson stay at this stage for a while. I not going to lie I still call Rick and Caila my babies to and they always will be but they all do grow up so quickly. As a child my parent would say how time goes by so quickly and never really understood that expression...I used to think time was time how could it be quicker when you were older?...I understand now. The scary thought is how fast time will be in five/ten/fifteen years...every year it just goes by that much more faster than the last.
"yesterday it history
tomorrow is a mystery
Today is a gift that is why they call it the present."

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