Saturday, May 22, 2010

Did you make to much milk mama?

Today we had a very busy morning...actually every Saturday morning is busy because I need to get three kids fed (including nursed),dressed, and out the door by 9:45 for t-ball. Although now that I read that last sentence I have to laugh because I have no idea what would do if my kids attended public schools...we would be late everyday:-) Anyway I was on time and just finishing nursing Jameson when he decided to become a Mr.Smiles and not want to nurse on the other side...if you know what I mean and I had no time wait around so we set off to t-ball. I like to get there early so the kids can play at the playground and they did for about a half an hour, while Mr.Smiles (Jameson)was off in dream land. Then t-ball started and still no hungry baby??? Well as you can imagine the pressure was building up... until the game was almost over when all of a sudden... I hear my mom say your leaking. WHAT???!!! I looked down in complete SHOCK!! My left boob had a giant circle right around it... I thought that only happened in the movies..."Mom what the heck do I do, should I splash more water on myself so it's not so noticeable?" well she was no help she was literally ROTFLHBO (rolling on the floor laughing her butt off) and that just got Caila geared up and on board to laugh at mama too. Then she announced it so loud that anyone in a mile radius must have heard that "Mama you need to feed Jameson cause your milk is making a mess" "did you make to much milk mama?"...Only things like this happen to me, but I have to admit it was funny and embarrassing at the same time!! So I hope you we also able to laugh at my expense:-)

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  1. Oh boy DID I laugh at your expense......hehehehe but all in good fun, right??! LOL I'm so glad your mom was there to help with the kids though...haha

    That stuff happened to me ALL the time. Once in court. LOL


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