Sunday, September 26, 2010

A beautiful family filled fall day

Today was such a beautiful day we started it off by going to church and then stopping by my in-laws and having lunch with my "grandma". The kids really love going over to visit plus I was abe to go out back and sneak some free corn stocks for our mailbox. I really get so mad at how much people have to spend just to buy a dead plant. Well after that we drove about a half an hour through a hill town to get to our favorite apple farm. What a beautiful drive especially with all the trees changing and I always love to see people outside. So we went and picked two heaping1/2 bushel bags oh and I also bought three dried out birdhouse gourds except one is tiny so I'm going to decorate it and add some dried beans inside for a music maker for Jameson. I also bought a fresh gourd so the kids can watch the natural drying out process...should be fun but gross.

Then on the way back we stopped at the's an apple picking tradition.The kids had a blast, we even saw some wildlife and we collected some acorns and rocks for our nature table.

Notice the "wild" brown bear we also encountered:-)lol I also have been collecting some river rocks every time we go to this gorge... So today I got 6 rocks to add to my natural rock garden border. Hope you enjoy the pictures:-)
Happy fall everyone!!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures Jenn!!! I Love family days like that!!!! And the leaves are just beyond gorgeous right now...I have to agree. :)

  2. I love your pictures, they are beautiful. Caila is such a princess, and I adore her flower crown!! You look beautiful, your hair is so long! I miss you!!! I love catching up on all your posts, the boys are so sweet, they are truly lucky to have parents like you and Rick and such a sweet lifestyle. ~Hugs~


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