Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our family is complete!!

                 She's arrived...two weeks early but healthy and home at last!! I would say I went out in a BANG with this last baby, and by that I mean I finally got the labor and birth I wanted...and to think it only took four tries. I started having contractions that morning and although I had some contractions throughout the night I was able to sleep and they really didn't pick up until 8:00ish that morning. I was fine although I was in a state of denial because I really was NOT ready for her to come...we had so much we still had to do. Jameson had just moved into his big boy bed 4-5 days ago...this was just to soon. lol Well as I was trying to convince myself as well as my husband that this was not the day and that I was NOT ready I also dealt with the contractions which I could handle ...until I couldn' so Rick called my mom and the doula (which was a back-up doula because mine was at a homebirth with a mama who was 42 weeks pregnant) My mom arrived and I felt a little better but I  think my husband sensed that I didn't like the confinements of the house so he suggested that we labor that's just what we did. I  still remember the sun beaming through the branches and warming my face, and at the same time I could feel the cool breeze flowing through the air...the day was truly a gift that I will treasure forever..(I'm not sure how well I would have done if I couldn't go outside) I felt so much better having the kids go about their business outside as I walked around the yard with Rick. It was so wonderful having them be apart of the beginning stages of labor.... watching them as they played and every so often they would check up on me to see how I was doing. 
 Amanda our back-up doula arrived and although I was a little nervous having someone I've never met be apart of something so magical...I felt already at ease with her presence. She knew just what I needed before I even spoke. We enjoyed the beautiful day and the kids left after a few hours...and that's when labor began to pick up. I went inside for a while and decided to relax on the couch and listen to some of my new cd's. I still couldn't get to comfortable so Amanda suggested that I try the shower...again she was right on because I LOVED being in the shower it really helped and I believe I also progressed a lot in the shower. Amanda could also notice my progress and suggested that we start thinking about going to the hospital soon because she thought I was getting closer and knew I wanted to stay home for a while but also knew that I didn't want to deliver in the back of my After a little convincing from my mom and Amanda that it was time to GET OUT of the shower and head out to the hospital (this was around 3:00pm) When we arrived at the hospital I had to get a fetal monitor on as well as a hep lock because I has having another VBAC, and I also couldn't have any liquids or food...basically a caged animal with a nurse breathing down my  (can you tell now why I HATE hospitals) After they hooked me up they checked to see how far along I was...When the midwife said I was just about 8cm's I was shocked I was hoping to be closer and was really loosing steam so I tried getting back into the shower because the tub was being used by another mama plus I loved the shower so much at home everyone thought it would help me again (and it did) but it only lasted for maybe an hour until they made me get out because the monitor wasn't picking up the baby's heart rate.grrr After the shower I labored on the birth ball and I did like that as well but things we're getting intense and all I wanted was water,  I was so thirsty I actually had to tell the nurse to look away because I was taking a drink of water with or without her permission. I then got into bed and had the midwife check was great was time but I had my waters still intake so I tried a few pushes to break it on my own but decided that I didn't want to waist my energy trying to break my the midwife broke my water. After a few productive pushes out our little Annabelle flew oh and did I mention she was also OP or sunny side up. Joy and happiness filled that room at 7:28 on May 11th as little Annabelle graced us with her presence:) It was such a wonderful feeling to have my little angel come out and right onto my belly...this was the first birth that I was able to hold my baby right away and in my arms she stayed as we bonded and started our adventure of breastfeeding. This was such a wonderful birth...this is what I always wanted.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful birth! I love that bottom photo of that sweet little sibbling kiss! makes my ovaries ache.


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