Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yarn along

I've been working on a few knitting projects in the last two weeks since my little Annabelle has arrived. There's noting more peaceful then to sit and knit with your little angel in your lap or peacefully sleeping next to you!!! I am absolutely in love with this baby and can't stop starring at her sweet little face!!

Well the first project that I'm finishing is a poncho for my little Caila..
I love love love the way it's coming out!! I just need to finish the are my notes on this project, and since I am still waiting for more yarn to come in the mail, I started a new knitting project.
This is going to be a fall tunic for the little Annabelle. I love this pattern so's actually the second time I've used this pattern. You can find my notes on this project here on my ravelry. As far as my reading goes I just finished  Dance upon the air by Nora Roberts. I really loved this book and have the second one on hold at the library to pick up.

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