Friday, September 14, 2012

The Great Balancing act

       Now that we're back in school I find myself doing this balancing act all the time.. I feel like I'm a tightrope walker and my hands are filled with school books, laundry to be hung on the line and diapers to be washed, as well as a long list of Christmas crafts I want to make,and projects I want to make for our store, not to mention the nursing baby in the wrap and the toddler on my hip. I know it sounds a bit extreme but honestly this is how I feel these last two week. I honestly can't believe how out of whack the kids get when their rhythm is throw off and I must admit I too get all thrown off. It's a BIG change from the kids playing outside ALL day long EVERYDAY to having to spend a good chunk of the morning and early afternoon doing school...not to mention how this school thing is really cutting into my crafting I did make school for fun and hand on this year compare to last year when I was pregnant and tired and honestly only did book work the last few months of school. (Nodding my head down in shame)
        I think I sometime  also get discouraged when I'm blog hopping and I see all these wonderful inspiring mothers that make the switch from summer mode to school mode so gracefully. (I've never been a graceful maybe that's my problem) Now that we have the school thing under control my next mission is order in the house. Gosh that first week our house looked like a tornado went through it...I honestly don't know what happened but WOW it was embarrassing I'm so thankful we didn't have a visitor that week or the school board may have gotten an anonymous phone call about the kids living conditions..hahah

         My purpose of this post is not to complain to you but to show you that there are bloggers out there that don't have it all together all the time and although things are crazy right now I wouldn't change it for the world. I still enjoy all my kids at home being each others best friends as they play battleship or go bug hunting in the back yard, these are the memories I want them to treasure...and we'll just pray they don't remember the "Mommy Dearest" moment I occasionally


  1. It would be a challenge to settle back into school-mode after such a free and lovely summer! You are amazing to be managing everything the way you are! I'm sure you'll all find your rhythm again before you know it x

  2. Jenn, You are amazing and that is because you know what it is that truly matters. You are so right, people need to see others who are "real", that is what people connect to, and you never know, you may just relieve some poor mother out there that thinks she doesn't add up because everything's not just so. So thank you ;0)


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