Friday, March 21, 2008

Lets make Easter Eggs!!!

Well today was lot's of fun!!! We had a playdate with the kds friends and then had lunch!! We didn't do any school today but we did have bunches of fun coloring and decorating eggs for the Easter holiday!! They had a ball although Caila must have cracked 3-4 eggs, and I got Ricky a car kit that made egg cars and he thought it would be fun to crash them together until they cracked...opps!! Well it was a fun day and we even got alittle spring cleaning done too! I very much have spring fever...I can't wait to start picking in my garden and taking walks through the park to feed the ducks...those days are just around the corner and I really am getting excited!! Well I have to get going because tomorrow were going to an Easter egg hunt with the Easter bunny so that will be loads of fun!!
Well farewell to all and to all a good night!!

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  1. I am planning a garden this year myself. Can't wait to get outside barefoot in the grass, and the warm glow of the sun.....yipee!!! LOL



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