Thursday, March 13, 2008

All about me...

I am a stay at home mom with a 4.4 year old son (Ricky)and a 2.4 year old daughter (Caila) pronounced Kayla. We do stick to a daily routine that does have flexibility depending on the different subjects we want to learn for that day! I am currently keeping my four year old son home from preschool to try homeschooling not for religious reasons. We are currently learning sounds of letters and writing skills with Ricky and counting with Caila... and of course the never ending battle of sharing!!
I am an earth lover with a special love for gardening and learning about herbal remedies...I believe that the earth has so much to teach/show us but we are not listening and just abusing our home! I enjoy hiking,backpacking, and camping...I love getting closer to mother nature and being able to share that with my kids!!

I enjoy any and all crafts including scrap booking, I also collect "nature" (twigs,leaves,dried flowers) and make Fairy houses...."yes I do believe in fairy's" Although this hobby is on a break until spring/summer. So I've picked up the craft of sewing cloth diapers and trainers. Once I make enough for more of an inventory I would like to sell them!!
Well that's enough for tonight have fun and feel free to comment on my page!!

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