Friday, March 21, 2008

My dream vacation for this summer......

I am so looking forward to going to this... I've been trying to save up my penny's but haven't been very successful at it so for Easter Ricky(hubby) made me a wooden bank...but the trick to it is there is a key to it that only he has and I am unable to open it. Plus he made it so if you tip it upside down the money doesn't come out..boy does he know me all to well!! It's really a beautiful bank!! He is so talented with wood working he's made me something for every single room in the house!!
So anyway I'll be saving up my money to go to this conference and I'll be going with a really close friend so this will be a dream mini-vacation come true!! I really can't wait because some of the classes are identification of herbs in the wild and I've wanted to learn this for quit some time now!! I'll also be taking the class on soap making with I'm very excited about because I've only bought the soap blocks and melted it down but I've never made soap from scratch!! I'm going to be in my glory when we go I can't wait!! Plus one of my favorite writers will be there teaching some of the classes..."Rosemary Gladstar" I love her books she has some great ones with some great herbal remedies in favorite is the baby's butt balm it's a salve for diaper rashes/scrapes/ cleared up Caila's rash in a day plus it didn't stain her cloth diapers another plus!! Well I've put $20 toward the trip so far....20 down $400 more to go...think positive I have until the end of August!!

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  1. That sounds intensely fun and useful! And how nice that Rick is so good with wood. My dh wants to learn how to woodwork really bad, but its so tough with his work schedule and all.........


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