Friday, March 21, 2008

menu for the week...

I usually write my meal plans for the week but I saw that bloggers post it on there site so I figured that is such a better idea because then I don't have to wasted paper every week!! So here's our dinner plan for the week!!

Monday...Meatball Monday. Meatballs with rottini and sauce. With a fruit smoothie.

Tuesday...Toco Tuesday

Wednesday...Quesadilla's with salsa

Thursday...pork chops on the grill and tortellini and corn

Friday... Lasagna with a side salad

Saturday...Rosemary chicken with rice and veggies

Sunday...homemade pizza with a fruit salad

Lunches are the same every week...

Monday...Ramon noodles and fruit

Tuesday..turkey or ham sandwiches with chips bagels or English muffin pizza's

Thursday...Fish sticks with pretzels and cheese stick

Friday...Chicken nuggets and fries

Saturday... Hot dogs with carrots and ranch dressing

Sunday...homemade mac and cheese with pea's


  1. YAY, you're on blogger!!! COOL! Looks like a yummy week!!

  2. Oh I wanted to say, thanks for your comment on Mikey. Unless people are around him a lot, or confront him it may not be obvious. The only playdates I had him on were the ones in our own backyard or at public parks, so it's easier in that sense.

    We just had a big issue with him and the neighbor last week, cops involved and all. It's tough because he's not severe so at first glance he appears like a typical kid, so if someone confronts him they don't expect an explosion, ya know? There are just certain things that don't click, he just doesn't "get" eventhough people may not realize it. UGH.... I just deal with so much with him that I cannot subject myself to stress in other areas of my life, I refuse. Wow, I've written a lot...LOL
    talk soon!


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