Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ricky understanding about "learning"...

Well it seems that my son Ricky is really starting to understand that the sky is the limit to what he can learn about!! Even past the sky because he wants to learn about the planets...How excited I was hear that because that because it was my favorite subject in school I remember in elementary school I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up:-) I still have an infatuation with the moon...Little secret "I even talk to that weird"
well anyway everyday I'm with Ricky I get so passionate about homeschooling...I LOVE IT AND SO ADDICTED!!!
I do think I'm going to try this "unit study " thing with Ricky because it sounds so fun and I think he would enjoy it too because it's more hands on and crafty which he loves!! So next week will be planets...cause this week is St.Patrick's day, which is like a national holiday for us Irish folks!!

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  1. More people than you think talk to the moon!
    Have a happy st patty's day!


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