Monday, March 31, 2008

St.Patrick's Day Parade

Well I'm alittle behind but I had to share some pictures from the St.Patrick's Day paraide that was this past sunday...It was latethis year because Easter was so early!! But the kids had tons of fun although I was very tired because I had just worked 13hours the day before and I went by myself to the paraide with the kids which was tiring all in itself. But it was well worth the effort...The day was beautiful although alitle windy and chilly I was thankful it wasen't raining because this is one of the best paraides to see!! We had to get there two hours early just to get a seat so while we waited for the paraide to start Ricky fell asleep and wouldn't wake up for anything...even the fire trucks had their sirones on and there was a gun solute and still he slept. It was really cute although he did miss half the paraide...didn't mind!!


  1. Love the photos! It looks like it was lots of fun!!! :) I tried to make it to the St. Patrick's Parade near here but I had Scottish Dance Lessons. Anyway, have a great day today!! :)

  2. P.S. The sleeping picture is just adorable!!


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