Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Day today...

Well today was a beautiful day. Although I had to keep the kids in for most of the morning because I had to play catch up around the house, and by the time I finished school with Ricky it was already lunch time. So we had lunch and I took them out for 45 min before we had to go to the library for the preschool play group. They had fun riding around in the new jeep power wheels, and we also practiced t-ball since Ricky will be starting next week!! I'm so excited about this program for Ricky...it's an introduction to all ball sports...golf,t-ball,soccer,kickball,etc. So it will be nice for him to have a variety so if he doesn't like one sport he'll be playing a new on the next week!! Plus it will be nice because he'll be with peers...a nice change because he's usually with kids his sisters age (2) or much older (11).
So anyway back to our day...I forgot to tell you about school helper I found online...It this really great website that is able to track all that you've done throughout the day and then you can print in out at the weeks end...I've been looking for something like this for quite a while and if was a free download..I think it's called homeschool tracker. We've been going to that free website I mentioned a few blogs ago and it's nice...Ricky likes it but it is alittle more advanced than where he is in school at this point...But the plus side is I can instantly tell his week spots like sight words and building a word by sounding out the letters. Although he's really good at the sight words if it's multiple choice. So I think in addition to the website I'm going to make corresponding flash cards.
Well I must run but I won't leave without showing you some of the cute pictures from today...

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