Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ricky Bursting with excitement....

Well today was another beautiful day I think it might have hit 70 degrees out there today!! The kids have fun playing outside and they also painted a few rock bugs for our fairy garden outside!! It was lots of fun..Caila got paint everywhere she even managed to smear it across her lip so she looked like she had a mustache. Tonight were going on another field trip to CT it's a great museum with tons of different thymed rooms...train room,pirate room, fish market, car room, farm room, and an aquarium room. Every third Thursday they are open for free from 5:00pm-7:00pm so it's worth the hour trip...we pack a dinner to eat there. The kids had a blast last month when we went..Ricky raved about it for a week straight to anyone that would listen to him!! While Ricky was talking to his grandma on the phone this morning he invited his mama.. and when she said she could come too I thought he was going to go through the roof with excitement!! Then I also told him one of his friends from our mom's group was also going to be there too..and he was beside was really cute!! I will update with pictures for the kids museum later tonight or tomorrow!!

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  1. Hi! Sounds like a beautiful Spring day!! I would love to see photos of your fairy garden. We are hoping to make some fairy houses - inspired by you!! :) I think it is such a wonderful idea! Anyway, we have been out in the garden too.. come see my photos!

    Have a blessed day!


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