Friday, April 18, 2008

Our garden..showing more life

Here are some pictures of the seeds that we planted last week...I can't believe how big they've gotten in a week!!! I could only use the green house top for 3-4 days and they already has outgrown that!! I also bought this heating met that is under the tray and it really seems to speed up the growth process!! I also included signs of life in our garden...We mostly have Lilly's coming up but also our strawberry's,mint,angelica (an herb), fever few(another herb) and thistle is starting to grow oh and my blueberry bushes look good too. I'm so excited I think another week and I'll be transplanting our seed that we grew out side and starting another batch!!
Also if you look closely you can notice the rocks that the kids painted around the rock edging...And they also sprinkled fairy dust "glitter" in the garden to call all the fairy's and to let them know that they are welcome!!
We also have another garden out back this is where our fruits and veggie's go including our blueberry bushes...but it's pretty empty now because my hubby just tilled it not to long ago but the veggie's that we grew from seed will be going out there...I was out there the other day and managed to pick up poison ivy and a few mosquito bites..." the wind blows and I pick up poison ivy...and same with the bug bites...hubby always says to me "they like the sweet meat" But I will update with more pics of that garden when I start planting out there!!
~Enjoy the day~

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  1. It's so beautiful Jenn! I love the idea of using a heating mat under the indoor seedlings. I have three of those indoor growing gardens around the house and I can't wait to see the signs of growth! I am having a blast in the garden! Thanks for showing your photos! They are lovely!! Have a beautiful day!!


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