Friday, April 18, 2008

Show and tell

Here is my show and tell for today..
These are a couple of fairy houses that I've made with Ricky...We would go on nature walks and try to find different things found in nature to make our fairy houses!! Thing like acorns,broken off bark,dried out leaves and flowers!! Ricky really had fun we was my collector and my house painter!! We wouls use glass beads for vases we also found some great accesories of inside the house in the doll house section at the craft store!! It's really fun to play with ricky one time he fell asleep with those battery powered tealights and I had told him that's how you call the fairies to came and play with as he was sleeping I snuck in and sprinkled fairy dust all around the tealight...when he woke up it was such a wonderful expression...he had the look of magic in his eyes!! I hope he bnever looses that look of magic and magination!! Enjoy and maybe it will inspire to to create a fairy house...but remember once you have placed your fairy house you can't move it because that could upset the fairy's ;-)
~Brightest Blessing~

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  1. Oh!! These are magical and I can know fairies would hang out there!! I love the moss - they are exactly how I was imagining the ones I want to make!! They are gorgeous!! I love them! Thanks for sharing them today! :)


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