Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Planting some seeds....

We usually can't have school on Wednesday because Daddy has it off and for some reason Ricky just acts different around daddy...he's the "buddy" not the instead today we started planting some seeds...after planting the seeds we talked about what they will turn into and elements needed to help the seeds grow into these veggie's!! Then we went to the driveway and we drew what plants might look like in a week and then in a month. I think this week we might start a lapbook about parts of a plant and the recordings of our seeds!!
He had so much fun today especially since the day was spent outside ALL DAY!! We was so pooped out that he actually fell asleep on the couch before dinner it was too cute!! Here are a few pictures..

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  1. How fun! I can't wait to get out and plant some vegi's!! One more month! I am thinking of starting some seeds inside before we transfer them outside. We are still getting crazy Spring weather - snow, rain and then warm and sunny! Have a beautiful day!


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