Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ricky breakthrough in school!!!

Well today was such a BIG day for Ricky in his schooling!! He is usually very critical about his work and wants everything to be perfect!! If he goes outside of the coloring lines he gets so upset that he usually just quits or he won't even bother coloring in the pictures....and that just broke my heart because I wanted to see what was in that big imagination of his...I wanted him to draw me a picture and he normally wouldn't because it didn't meet his high standards.....Until today we were coloring in clouds and I really made my cloud messy and went outside of the lines and I heard this big gasp..."Mommy you went outside the lines" so I said "So what, who cares..clouds aren't perfect anyway" and he agreed so anytime he went outside the lines he would say " Who cares" it was great...so today he drew his very first picture all by himself...what a wonderful day I was so proud of my little boy who;s turning into alittle man..."I'm so not ready for my kids to grow up on me!!"
Here is his work of art...

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  1. That's wonderful! My Alyssa is a perfectionist and struggles with being perfect in some subjects. It's hard to teach them about not worry about being perfect - that trying your best is what's important. It's a great picture he drew!!



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