Wednesday, June 18, 2008

~What's going on with me~

We've been keeping busy lately so it's been hard for me to get on my blog but here are a few updates. I've been training at night as a waitress in a new upscale restaurant that's opening next week. Plus working at my other job and this week has been a little more busy because I'm making a wedding cake for this Saturday plus going to that same wedding. It will be fun though because we're getting a babysitter so it will be just us...something that rarely happens. Although we did go out yesterday to see that new Indiana Jones movie...which was great by the way:-) I'm glad that I decided to only have school three day out of the week, this way we can still squeeze in fun things like strawberry picking which we did today!! The kids had so much fun...especially Caila I think she ate more that she picked. This Sunday we'll be making strawberry jam which I'm so excited because this will be first canning experience!! I'm hoping to really learn more about canning I want to make pickles,salsa,tomato sauce, and soups. I'm even thinking about canning for Christmas gifts..My Mother-in-law has a book on how to even make your own liquor..How wonderful would that be to have that in a basket with two nice glasses, my homemade chocolate chip biscotti, and some homemade chocolates!! I love making gift baskets there so much fun and you can have so much fun with so many different themes..the possibilities are endless!! Well I'll up date you on our canning adventures and I'll post a pic of the wedding cake too!!
Hope you all have a beautiful day and thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Oh wow, what a fun filled week you've had. We may go strawberry picking today, I've been wanting to do that. I will be thinking of my granny (who passed in Feb) because she always did that, too.

    I can't wait to see the wedding cake, I'm sure it will be fabulous. =D I hope you have a good time there, too!

    I agree, gift baskets are such fun, and with your baking talent, those items you mentioned would be a GREAT gift. ;-)

    I like your firepit, too, how cool!


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