Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crops are behind..and Christmas is around the corner...

We went Blueberry picking today with a friend and her children and we had a blast althought we were alittle disappointed because we also wanted to pick tomatoes, but we were told that they aren't ready yet due to all of the rain. When we got to the blueberry field we were alittle surprised because the blueberry's were tiny and not alot of them were ripe yet....the picture is two and a half hours of picking... "they weren't very big like past years and they were alittle tart so we're going to eat one container this week and freeze the rest for the winter for smoothies or muffins. We'll have to go back in a couple of weeks for more blueberries and tomatoes.

You see I have a plan...as you all may know we plan to move out of our apartment next year and buy a house..so we are really saving every penny this year!! So my plan for Christmas is to try to make as many gifts as possible....I mean what happened to the true traditions/meanings of Christmas. So I want to make themed baskets...


My Italian Basket...

~Homemade pasta sause
~I would like to look up how to make my own pasta...I did find this website...http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art31721.asp

~some homemade bread for dinner

~ and homemade garlic/rosemary oil for the bread

~a bottle of wine

~some homemade chocolatechip biscotti

~I also found a recipe to make your own Kahlua

mini spa basket

~Homemade soap, shampoo,lip balm,bath salts, and a great chick book and that would be a great gift!!

I also make jewelery so I'll be giving away that for gifts too.... the second picture is one I made last week!! "not the best picture but it looks great on...I accually got a comment that she thought it was Lia Sophia....I felt pretty good that day!!

any other idea for more baskets I would love to hear, or any handmade gift ideas??

I know I'm also giving away salsa and jelly's/jams


  1. Great ideas, Jenn! I think handmade soap and lotion baskets with a bath sponge and/or chapstick is also a nice gift. Don't forget movie night basket with popcorn, gift cert. for movies, candy etc,..if you have any movie buffs you are giving to.

    Where did you go picking? I don't know of any place that lets you pick your own tomatoes, please share!! =)
    We picked blueberries at Dickinson farm, close to my house, and in an hour left with 12 lbs....LOL!!

    Hope to see you soon!!

  2. Oh silly me, I just saw that you already had the bath products in your list...oh well....LOL


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