Wednesday, August 20, 2008

our harvest

Here is our harvest from today what a great pick!!

~grape tomatoes

~ reg tomatoes


~hot peppers

~one premature potato

~a few blueberries


~and some chives

our corn is not quit ready and we have some bell peppers that aren't the right size yet!! our green bean plant was eaten and so was our carrots!! I don't even want to mention that I have 10-12 strawberry plants and I didn't get a single strawberry....little rodents!!

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  1. Jenn, what a beautiful little basket off goodies! The colors are so vibrant and full of life. Gotta love it. I'm sorry to hear about your carrots and strawberries, that's sad. :( I wonder what can be done to prevent that?...thank goodness for google!! =)


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