Thursday, September 18, 2008

Our Block Island trip

We left for Block Island on Tuesday early in the morning...I think we left at 4:30am so we could catch the 8:30 ferry!! I slept half the ride because I was so tired from the night before because I had to work then come home to pack and get all the kids stuff ready for grandma so it would be easier for her to watch the kids!! We had a great ferry ride and we arrived at Block at 9:00am. WE rode our bikes to the south end light house which was quit a bike ride...much longer then I remember from when I was a kid!! By the time we got there my legs felt like jello...and after the ride back I was gimping around the I took a nap and felt a little better after that!! That night we walked the beach under the full moon...what a view.. especially with the moon reflecting across the ocean. It was so nice to just be together alone with no kids...It's almost like the dating period comes back and you find yourself flirting like you did as a kids...I mean we were playing "tag your it" was so fun and care free and the days just seemed to slow down so much...It was wonderful...I hope you enjoy the pictures!!


  1. Wow, Jenn
    I Love those pics, it looks like you had so much FUN!!! Can u believe I've never been? I'm so glad you had that time together. Happy Belated Anniversary!!!

    It was so nice to get together today. We should get together and go to McCray's soon, that would be fun!


  2. I love the photos! It looks like it was a fun and fabulous trip!! Glad you had such a good time! *hugs*


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