Monday, October 20, 2008

Our homeschooling year so far....

Well, as most of you know I've ventured into the homeschooling world for my four year old son Rick and so far I just LOVE it!! It's been great...we're using the Horizon's Math and Phonics and Ricky has adjusted very well to it. He spends an hour on Phonics...but my big news for today is that he read his first sentence...I was in shock. I was wondering if he really was understanding what he was learning or was he just doing what I told him to do, but today just justified that it is all worth it....I can't tell you how exciting it was to hear him sound out the words and read his first sentence!! It was such a BIG moment to see how his face just light up with excitement when I told him that he read it correctly. What a big day!!
He really enjoys math much more though..he can zip through his math workbook pages in no time (about 20 min) so I also try to incorporate math here and there in fun ways like playing games...chutes and ladders or sorry where there is counting involved. We usually do a unit study every week as well to incorporate history and/or science. We've made a few lapbooks as well which is such a great tool to use in unit studies because it makes learning fun and it can be used as a review later down the line...but personally I like it because I can treasure it and remember all the fun we had making it together. I'll post pics in the next day or so.
We're also a part of a co-op that meets once a week to have school lessons together in a classroom setting. The kids just LOVE it especially Caila because she feels a part of school and has peers to play with. So we get together every Thursday and have an hour of a themed learning subject then we break for lunch together and then we have an hour of hands on crafts/play/story time. Plus the kids are joined up at the library and are part of the two right feet program and they have an hour of peer interaction where they are learning to listen to another adult and they have so much fun every week with different activities that Ms. Rose does with them. This was also a great program because both Caila and Rick are in it together and they have so much fun!!

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  1. That is so wonderful, Jenn. I bet he was just beaming with pride after reading his first sentence, wow, that is a big deal! Which coop did you end up hooking up with in the end?


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