Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Lapbooks that we made in "school"

OK so this post is just a catch up post because I wanted to show you all Rick's Lapbooks. The first one is a Johnny Apple seed book that we did back in September and the other one is a weather lapbook that we did in October. This month we're doing an all about me theme because it's Rick's birthday on the 15th. So I want to do a body lapbook. Today and for the rest of the week we'll be talking about our senses. Then we'll go into emotions, then the layers of a body. We'll see where it takes us, but I'm hoping to be done by the third week because we're also going to be doing our unit on Thanksgiving....I hate to put a deadline/time limit on a subject but this month is just too busy.
So...As far as the other pictures I wanted to show you the great deal I got on these American History books!! I got a set of 20 books for a quarter a book...although I'm still missing 3 books out of the set I got a great deal, the pictures are beautiful and the books are in wonderful condition considering how old they are. So you can also see a picture of the book shelf and you can see my addition with books that is just Rick's school books...oh yeah did I mention that I just started homeschooling this September. Granted I did have notebooks that I started with Rick at the beginning of this year just to get him in the routine of having "school" Plus he has a huge library of books that he just loves to read. Between his books and Caila's they could open up there own library. You see we started getting books before the kids we're even born because I wanted reading to be apart of there everyday we would read to my belly and we started reading to Rick every night when he was about 4-6 months old and Daddy continue to do so before bed every night and does the same with Caila. Their grandparents also had them in a book club and they would receive beautiful books every month. I love the fact that my kids love to read, I hope that's a quality that sticks with them forever.

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  1. Jenn,
    I love seeing all that you have been up to. The lapbooks are my favorite though, what a fun way to learn, and also keepsakes to look back on some day!


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