Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wet bag givaway

OK so I'm in cloth diaper heaven..I found a great blog that's all about cloth diapers!! Ok so I know I'm not currently cloth diapering..but...but I found out how amazing cloth diapers are alittle to late... Caila had just turned two when I started to cloth diaper and I thought I was for sure going to be cloth diapering for another year.. But I plan on having more kids so I want to have a great stash of cloth diapers and the extra's that also come with cloth diapering...
It's funny with every child I have, I tend to get alittle more organic...With Ricky I was so young that I didn't do any extra stuff besides nursing and lots of snuggle time with him...then I had Caila and I nursed and made all of her baby food and started to cloth diaper with homemade cloth diapers:-). And when we have our next round of kids I'll have it all set...nurse, make own baby food, and cloth diaper. Oh yeah and I make my own baby wipes and diaper rash creams too!!

Anyway I'm getting way off the subject of this post!! Check out this blog for all the details on the great wetbag giveaway...

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  1. I know, if I could have anymore children I would be doing a lot more than I did...I think it's natural to do more with each child, because you are always learning and growing ;-) I love all the newest cloth diapers, too.


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