Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What you may not know about me...

Seven Things

I found this on a blog that I follow and thought it was fun...You have to make a list of things you may or may not know about me:

Seven Things

Seven things that attracted me to my husband-

1. Umm well I thought of him as a dork at first...I've known him since 4th grade because we lived two streets away we would walk to school together with a mutual friend and Ricky (my hubby) was just kinda there) Until I knew he liked me then I kinda used him for a ride to school..hehe.. We later started to date...and the rest is history
2.His blue eyes
3.I liked that he was the only boyfriend that wasn't afraid of my dad.
4.He was always so honest and I could always tell him anything.
5.He's so laid back he can really calm me down especially when I go on my whirlwinds.
6.He treats me like a queen and always has.
7.He's such a flirt:-) and still is

Seven things I always say-

1.seriously guys...are you kidding me...(I say this when the kids make a mess)
2.Finish your dinner or you don't get a treat.
3.I luv you to the Sun and the moon and the stars.
4.Sound it out.
5.Are you still my baby?
6.Stop hitting your..Brother/sister!!
7.Do you need a time out?

Seven things I love to eat-
(Everything but if I have to choose)

1.Shrimp...any and all!!
2.cereal...any kind as long as there's no raisins
3.potatoes...any kind (but I like it mashed with cheese,gravy,pepper, and applesauce)
5.tortellini in chicken broth
7.loaded ham sandwich (ham,cheese,chips,mayo,pickles,and pepper)

Seven things I can do-

1.Roll my tongue like a barrel roll.
2.I can ski, and water ski, and I know how to ride a dirt bike ( I used to have one before kids)
3.I can be me and not care.
4.Spoil my kids rotten
5.I can be very honest..sometimes to honest
6.I can take criticism well...my parent brought me up with broad shoulders...I think they just like to make fun of me...I was their entertainment for 18 years:-)
7.I can create the most beautiful baby's...with my hubby's help of course

Seven things I can't do-

1.I can't draw
2.I can't do handy work around the house...no really I'm not allowed (Once I tried to hammer in a nail with a spray can...two hits later paint was everywhere)
3.Can't play battleship against my hubby...he says I'm to predictable
4.Can't spell at all...I blame the English language
5.I can't type without looking at the keyboard.
6.7.I can't drink alcohol...I just don't like it
7. I can't type without looking at the keybpad every once in a while

Now I tag you...
feel free to do your own and leave me a comment so I can check out your 7 things.

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