Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not me monday...

I did not give Caila a bath last week and not wash her hair... knowing very well that I spayed hairspray on her grown out bangs.

I most serenely did not declare a pj day in our house...twice last week.

I did not skip two days of school last week just because I was tired.

I did not get sore the next day after playing boxing on wii, and oh speaking of wii I did not give my family a great laugh by actually making the motion to serve the tennis ball while playing tennis on wii.

I did not let my son watch an hour of scooby doo just so I could snuggle with him and take a nap while he watched his movie.

I did not take a home pregnancy test because I thought I was prego, and I wasn't disappointed when it was negative, and we won't be trying for another one in the near future;-) ( Although I think it may be to early to tell because I don't remember when I had my period last and I'm SO TIRED...I'll update on this subject in a week)

I did not buy something for the new baby that may not be existing in my stomach.

and I did not I repeat did not eat 7 mozzarella sticks at my partylite party.

You need to check out this blog and join in on the fun!!


  1. OMG OMG! Can't wait to see your post next week!! ;-)

    So sorry I wasn't there to ease some of your "guilt" by eating some of those mozzarella sticks myself..hehe
    Next time I will just bring Mikey since you don't mind. That's sweet! Not too many people are like u!

  2. Wow, no wonder you're so tired. You did not not do a lot. :)

  3. This was a funny post. BTW, I love your dd's name; my youngest daughter's middle name is Micaila.


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