Monday, December 15, 2008

Caila's pageant

Just in are some of the pictures from Caila's pageant in November. We just got them in the mail on CD...She had so much fun it's so hard to say that it will be her last pageant...but it's just so expensive...and I know she just loves to be on stage so I think I'm going to get her into dance this year...and acting eventually because she is such a drama queen...I see a furure Julia Roberts.


  1. Oh my gosh...she did a great job it looks like, the outfits are fantastic!!! It looks like a lot of fun =)

    Jenn M.

  2. those are adorable. i am also thinking of putting my daughters in dance. it's just expensive and time consuming. i really want to do it, though...

  3. I found dance to be really cheap. When autumn did it, it only cost $30 per month. Sure the costumes could be up to $100, but she only needed one per year for the one class, and only needed shoes one of the 6 years she danced. Not only that, but they did fundraisers to defer some of the cost of the costumes. When averaged all out, it's one of the cheapest extra curricular activities around.

  4. Hello dear friend! How are you!?! I feel SOOOO terrible for not being online and blogging more! Things have been so crazy around my house! It feels good to be back and catch up on all your happenings! I sent a letter to you last week, so look for it in the mail. I hope you are doing well and enjoying a lovely Christmas holiday! Lots of hugs! I hope you will still stop by and say hello! :)

    And, by the way, your photos are adorable!!


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