Friday, December 19, 2008

What's on your Christmas tree??

Well this year I decided to do things alittle different. We usually put up a fake tree and have tons of ornaments to hang...(we have somewhat of a snowman themed Christmas tree usually) but I didn't want that this year I wanted the kids to be involved as much as possible so they made their own ornaments maybe three times a week, and we made our own Star for our tree topper and the kids made their own Nativity scene, and we add a hand-made paper chain for the tree too. We had the best time decorating the tree, and the kids loved to diplay their ornaments on the tree.

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  1. AWESOME!! Love your creativity, what memories you all made. =)

    We celebrated Hanukkah this year, because we are doing a unity study on biblical holidays. ;-) It's fun to learn and so much easier hands on like that, rather than just thru reading.


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