Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Well this weekend was so busy and it was all about Christmas. Here are pictures of us picking out our Christmas tree. We have always had a fake tree because I was afraid of the kids getting poked by the needles. So this year I decided that we weren't going to use any of our ornaments either..we were going to make all of them including the star. I wanted the kids to really be apart of the trimming of the tree. So we went to a tree farm and thought that $38.00 for any choice of tree was alittle to much especially since we wanted a Charlie Brown we found another place that was $ we we off ready to find our perfect tree but they were all HUGE and then we found one that we really liked oh and did I mention that it was one of the HUGE trees....We must have little people syndrome because I really planned on picking out a little tree...oh well it's up and the kids love it...My son has been begging to put up a Christmas tree so we can build the train around it. Well here are pictures of our choice of tree....

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  1. Your tree looks great even though it's not the exact size you had wanted. The decorations are nice too. :)


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