Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take 1...Take 9!?!?

Well I finally got our christmas picture taken...I wanted to just use one of just the kids but Hubby wouldn't have it...he says it's tradition to do it with the whole family... So he we are the REAL CLARK family you get first peek at us...not just the nice picture that's sent out on the Christmas card. Can you believe it took 9 times just to get one nice picture and even then we all look ratty....Caila's wearing a halloween costume and her hair looks like a rats nest, I had to wear an elf hat because it was raining today and my hair was super flat...oh yeah and I'm blink in the picture because I wasen't wearing my contacts today and I just took off my glasses for the picture, Little Rick's licking his lips because there chapped, and my hubby just got out of work and is super tired...

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  1. Nice to see you. We STILL haven't taken a family photo.


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