Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Christmas day...

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year. We had such a big day we had Christmas together then with my in-laws then we went to my mama's house for a great Christmas turkey dinner with all the fixings of-course. The kids had such a big day I don't think they could contain themselves.
Little Rick got a huge train table from my father-in-law which was such a special gift because half if not more of the set was his when he was a little boy. The thing is huge I believe it's 5ft by 8ft well put it this way it took up the hole living room.

And Caila got tons of dress up clothes which she loved...she must have changed 5 times on Christmas, plus she got a wardrobe closet to store all her dresses...although I can foresee her dress being on the floor in her room because she will be changing them so much.

I bought my hubby a creeper because he ran over his other one and I got him a few how to books for airbrushing and pin striping ( although I don't think he needs them...he already does such beautiful work. He also got new workbooks and a tire rim for his bike.
I got a pressure cooker...which I'm so excited to use next summer plus I got a blue ball how to book all about canning and is jammed packed with great recipes...I can't wait I'm already wishing the winter season away. I also got a tom tom GPS...a well needed gift and tons of beautiful jewelery making trinkets from my mama and papa.
and together Rick and I got new flannel sheets and a 15X15ft screen tent for's beautiful...all the more reason for me to want a short winter season

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day full of love, joy and happiness!!


  1. It looks like a wonderful Christmas at your house! :)Thinking of you and wishing you a Happy New Year as well!

  2. I love the train gift. What a neat thing to be able to pass down.

  3. Wow Jenn, what a gigormous much fun!!! A pressure cooker, that will be awesome to try canning with. I am dreaming of Spring like you, cannot that we are *supposedly* staying here (long story) I am excited to think of what I want to plant!!! =D

    Ricky's train set is so over the top awesome, and precious since it was his grandpa's as a kid, how neat is that?!!!

    I can imagine Caila in all her pretty princess dresses ;-)

    I hope we can go camping next year together at that Burlingame place. Now we have a tent and all!!

    I miss you guys, and the goodies you brought by were so incredible. The basket is so beautiful I am going to use that for my mommy pamper basket or something to that effect, its on top of my curio right now so it is easy to see, yet safe from little hands ;-)

    I can't wait to get together again!!

    What is a creeper?


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