Saturday, January 3, 2009

Not me Monday

OK so I follow a great blog and she truly makes my day. You have to read her blog because she is so honest and I love that about her...

So here goes for another not me Monday...
Well as we all do in the coming of the new year I started to organize my house...everything from the bedroom to Rick's school stuff. Well as I was organizing everything I did not come to the conclusion that I was going to be more organized for this year, and even if I wanted to be more organized I would go and tell my mother-in-law...(who's only like the cleanest person ever) I wouldn't do that because it's not like she would laugh in my face or anything... and even if she laughed in my face I would laugh with her...I most certainly wouldn't call her a B****... a good daughter-in-law would never say that to her mother-in-law's face, even if she had a fantastic relationship with her husbands mom.

I'm most certainly am not torturing my three year old daughter by putting her in 4-5 timeouts in a day because I think she's getting alittle to fresh and I think she's old enough to be more respectful!! That would be my daughter no way she's a little princess plum and there's no way she would say comments like "I want snack and I want Dora NOW" and there's no way she would spit at her brother and call him a "junker"...It's not like we're a redneck family or anything;-)

My food intake today did not costist of a donut for breakfast, McDonald's for lunch and a piece of pizza for dinner...Who eat's like that..I know I would never that stuff nasty especially all in one day.

And today I went shopping my my brother-in-law's girlfriend's baby shower and got a bunch of cute boy baby clothes. When I came home to show my hubby he did not make me keep one of the onesy for us when we get pregnant again...he wouldn't do that especially to his own's not like it was a cute onesy or anything.

Yesterday I was telling my parents a joke that I made about myself earlier in the day...about me being a dumb white trash mama that got knocked up in high school and that's why I needed to make flashcards for a test that I had to take last week. My papa didn't make me all emotional and make my eyes water up when he said with such a serious face... " Don't you ever dumb yourself down in front of the best parent's I'v ever known" Why would I cry at something like that it's not like he's my hero or anything.

I didn't start to cry last week when i was talking to my mama about my baby Ricky growning up to fast and how I wasn't ready for it....It seems as though I blinked and he's already 5. There's no way I would cry over something so trivial, it's not like I'm dramatic or anything.

I definitely wouldn't hide from my daughter behind the counter so she would find her father first instead of me... just so I could finish this post... that would be neglect and I'm the cover model for mom of the year.

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  1. This is great! Love the post! I was laughing and nodding my head at many of the things you said - I can relate on so many levels! lol Have a beautiful night dear friend!


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