Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home remedies

OK so it's inevitable that at lease one of my kids will get an ear infection through out the winter season.....Well I'm sick of it...the same routine with the doctor's visits...
the kids go in get weighted,temp taken, and you talk about his/her symptoms, they check the ears and confirm your diagnoses or they tell you come back because the ear in not fully inflamed yet ...But what really gets me is my son is allergic to penicillin so it's even more of a pain for him...(especially when the doctor makes a bad call and prescribes him a medication that contains sulfa...very give the same reactions as penicillin if allergic so that bad call from the Doctor lands my son in the ER because he's got a 101 temp and his covered head to toe in hives and his face is so swollen that he can barely open his eyes.) Or with Caila's prescription you have to fight with her to take the medication for two weeks and if you end the medication early then you better plan for another ear infection because I can almost guarantee it will happen again. These are just some of the many complaints I have with ear anyway I prepared myself this year for an ear infection and just as planned Caila popped up with one a few week ago. But I was ready to fight this myself before I went to the she was crying and holding her ear in pain and I made ear drops that I learned about at my herbal retreat last summer don't get me wrong they smelt disgusting but let me tell you it worked instantly and from the day following Caila had no more pain and within a week the infection was about a hassle free ear infection...I know it sounds like a oxymoron but it really was that simple.
Here is the recipe if your interested....
~ 1 part chopped up onion
~ 1 part ginger
~ 1 part calendula
I added comfrey to this mix as well to soothe the ear
and mix these ingredients in a small pot, add enough olive oil to cover all of the ingredients. Steep on low for 30 min... use a cheese cloth to drain out the herbs and onion and let the oil cool to body temp. Use an ear dropper and a couple of drops in each ear the ear will drain any of the extra oil. For the first two days use the ear drops every 4 hours, and for the rest of the week use three times a day. The following week I used the drops as needed if Caila said that her ear was still bothering her I would put a few drops in both ears...and it instantly takes the pain away. Also you want to keep these ear drops in the fridge.

~You should see your doctor if you child is still in pain after 2-3 days
~High fever, severe pain, or other signs of complications should warrant immediate attention by a medical professional.


  1. This is the coolest post, because I just bought a home treatment book for things like this (I haven't gotten it in the mail yet). I think it's really important to know how to treat things naturally too. My oldest gets an ear infection once a year, so I am definietly trying this out on her and me too (I think I may have one at the moment!) THANK YOU for this post!!! Hope you are doing well dear friend! *hugs*

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I've also used garlic oil, but I am going to save this recipe, too!

    I'm making the cookies you brought us today in the jar. It's so pretty I hated to even use them/open the jar...but the time has come....hehe!!


  3. HI again! I have nominated you on my blog! Come see... :)

  4. Thanks for sharing...and by the way TAG your it!!


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