Friday, March 20, 2009

Is this wrong or am I just crazy?? I need input....

Ok so I was introduced to a new idea for getting pregnant buy a good friend and I was eager to jump at the newest opportunity but now I'm having my doubt's but let me speed you up to the idea then you can tell me what you think....
I found an interesting article (reprinted from which had this to say about Soy Isoflavones.

"TTC Trend Watch ~ Oh Joy! Another Soy BFP!

If you've been surfing TTC boards online recently, you've probably run across several posts from women proclaiming the mighty power of "Soy Isoflavones." If not, you are probably thinking "Soy Isowhat?" Yes, my TTC friends, the underpriviledged step sister to the infamous Clomid pill has made her big stage debut... and she's garnering some impressive reviews. But before you stop reading the rest of this article and burn rubber to the nearest vitamin store, let me encourage you to research it for yourself before trying any new supplement regimen. (And as always, you should consult your doctor trying anything new.) But I digress...

"Soy Isoflavones" is a natural plant derived phytoestrogen (phyto means plant), which is an anti-estrogen, just like Clomid. Both are known as SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators). It works by fooling your brain into thinking its estrogen levels are low. This causes your body to reslease more FSH & LH which helps stimulate follicle production (same as Clomid). You take Soy Isoflavones, like Clomid, on CD 1-5 or 2-6, or 3-7 or 5-9. It is not thought to cause infertility if it is only taken for 5 days a month. There is not much published information available on it regarding TTC, because it is "natural", not patented by the pharmaceutical companies, and not FDA approved. Most doctors will also not recommend it for this reason.

Recently, many women on have been taking 150-160mg a day for 5 days at the beginning of the menstrual cycle (on days previously mentioned). Side effects reported are similar to Clomid. These vary from increased number of headaches to hot flashes. It has been suggested that taking the dosage before bedtime lessens the side effects.

I was doing some research on to uncover just how many girls have recently conceived while on Soy Isoflavones and what days they took the supplement. I found a girl who took it on CD 1-5, 200mg Soy Isoflavones, and she got a strong BFP at 15dpo that cycle. Her chart can be viewed here. Her HCG levels at 15dpo were 443 and at 18dpo HCG 1,347. Impressive. I found a survey on FF that was interesting as well:

What was interesting is that 75% of the women who tried Soy Isoflavones got a BFP in their FIRST cycle trying. I checked the survey more recently and the number has jumped to 77% since I took the screenshot.

While Soy Isoflavones can help bring on an earlier or stronger Ovulation for these women, I must note that in some women it did not help at all. Just like Clomid doesn't always work for everyone. Right now there are a lot more women trying Soy Isoflavones so I will continue to monitor their progress and report back any news I find.

written by Elle (Founder of"

Know my question at hand is "is this morally right?? Because all I can think of is the quote "God will only give you what you can handle"...but then I think of it as was it faite that led me to my friend who introduced me to this soy isoflavones which happened to be during my cycle or was it a temptation from God and I failed....?? I don't know what to think or do and I feel very guilty and the more friends/family I tell the more people look at me like I have four heads and I'm this whacked out baby crazed mom....What are all of your thoughts...please be honest.


  1. awwww, Jenn, I have thought about this A LOT too!! I mean A TON!!!!! I had "some help from a friend" in reference to conceiving Caden and the twins (that I will get into at a later time if you want). I honestly have thought before with Caden being such a wild man that God might be telling me "see what happens when you don't have the patience to wait for a child at MY time" BUT then I still had the same problems I was having conceiving and I felt in my heart it was okay, so I did the same thing and conceived the twins. I wanted twins my whole life and I prayed for twins ALL THE TIME and I knew that God wouldn't send me my twins if they weren't meant to be (especially with all the soul searching I did with Caden).

    Now that I look at the big picture, all my kids are perfectly meant for my family, no ifs, ands or buts. I personally feel like God gives us these kinds of opportunities if we need them throughout life. All the kids have been such a gift of joy to me and I thank God daily for them. I feel like my friend that helped me was led to do so, so that I could obtain/meet Caden, Gavin and Rylan. I wanted to be pregnant with my first when I was 20 and it took me until I was 23 to actually have her. I was so upset that I had to wait so long for the baby my heart longed for. What if I had gone to a dr. that had actually listened to me from the start and tested me in the beginning, fixing my problems so that I could have been pregannt a year earlier. What if I hadn't met my friend and I didn't have Caden, Gavin and Rylan bc of it. I can't imagine my life without those three in it!!! In my opinion, fate happens for a reason and in the end, bc of fate/and opportunities in life, I have the husband I do, I have the children I do and am the mom I am today. I feel very content that God is leading my family and I in the right direciton.

    I just feel very strongly that if they weren't meant to be conceived in that way, then I wouldn't have become pregnant with any of my boys at that time. No matter how much science is involved (although soy is more herbal then anything else), God has the final say. I especially feel like God helped lead me to my friend bc He knew of my heart desiring a large family and he helped fill my home with the children I so desired! In my opionion anyways, life is FILLED with all these little moments of fate (like this) and every moment of fate in regards to my life has always worked out in my favor in regards to the big picture of life!

    Anyways, that is just my opinion in regards to it all Jenn. I know it won't feel right until you make peace with it in your own way, but I just wanted to share the "journey" i went through in regards to the same exact quandry! And soy isn't even anything like what I used-probably not much difference from the soy you are taking and the soy you can eat. Know what I mean? Its not like you are doing IVF on yourself or anything crazy like that! Even as I have been pondering the whole octomom thing, I still have a hard time saying anything too negatively about it, bc in the end, God sent her those 8 babies for a reason. Might not make sense now, but in the big picture in life, I am sure those babies will have an important place/purpose in life. Anyways, enough Melissa philosophy for a day!! That is how I have spiritually come to where I am on the subject!

    Talk to you soon-call me if you ever need to chat!!! :)

  2. I don't think there is anything wrong with using some herbal help to get pregnant. God put that desire into us, and in this world, we are not in perfect balance. I think getting our bodies back in balance is a good thing, and a healthy thing.

    Taking herbs to conceive with your own husband is much different than what Abraham and Sarah did you know? They didn't trust God to do what he outright promised them and took control of the situation, and with another woman at that. There is no comparison.

    Ultimately trust in God, and pour out your heart to him like Hannah did in Samuel. I will pray for you, for His peace, clear guidance, and the reward of another child if it is indeed His will, it will happen. ;-)
    HUGS my friend!!!


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