Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Caila's pageant last month

Here are a couple of pictures at Caila's pageant last month at East Coast USA...She did awesome and had so much fun...
She won Best portfolio,Best Active wear,Best Swim fitness, Best play wear as well as nicest eyes and she won the title for her age division....

I know what some of you are thinking especially since that newest TLC show toddlers and tiara's...that I've forced my daughter into it when really I just have a girly girl that loves to dress up and loves to preform of stage....I take alot of hits and rude comments about Caila competing in pageants but it's so hard to take her out of it...last November I said it was going to be her last pageant and we've done two since then...She loves it so much she's truly an entertainer. Granted there are a couple of guidelines that my husband and I both agree on
1) No spray tanning..that's just weird and scary
2) No fake teeth..we aren't raising Rogger Rabbit
3) No heavy make-up...
We do use fake hair in some events but that's more for me so I'm not running around trying to curl hair in between dress change. Yes we do see some things at the pageants that are alittle crazy but who am I to judge. We all have fun and at the pageants that Caila participates in are great because they do so much for the kids every child gets a trophy or crown and when you win an event you are also able to pick a prize at the huge prize table in addition to your framed tittle's,trophy,sash, and tiara...Plus a party with a DJ and fun games for the kids as well as awesome raffles!!


  1. WOW Jenn...she is more beautiful every time if that is possible! Her posture is really come along, makes such a difference!!! The costumes are incredible. LOVE the red white and blue!

  2. gorgeous pics of Caila!!!! I still love her alligator outfit the best, although all the outfits are amazing!!!! I can't wait to see the one you are making once its done!!!! :)


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