Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know what stress is after today...

She looks like I feel right now,as well as all day.... This was the most stressful day I've ever had and I'm a pretty laid back kinda gal but today my patience's were tested and I definitely didn't pass that test because I was yelling at my lawyer as well as my realtor (who doesn't do anything for a job but say her famous line of " I was just going to do that later today")
Anyway I'll start from the beginning my hubby and I have been waiting to move and get our first house for a while and we know have enough money saved and we were so ready to find "our" house..and when we did find "our" house, we made an offer and later found out that the owners owed more on the house than what it was worth so it was then brought to the banks attention and they classified it as a short sale...which means it's a very long process so we drew up a contract with our offer on the house and we gave them three months to decide if they liked our offer and would accept the short sale...well this short sale ends this Thursday....and we've heard nothing...so we started to look around and found a foreclosed home that is being auctioned off tomorrow that we want so we just figured that doing it the day before would be no big deal since we haven't heard anythings and since we figured the contract was up....Well I just found out today yes two days before the contract ends that We the buyers need to get a consent form to be able to leave the contract and we need to give them two weeks to a month to say that we are done with this contract.... Can you belive that a consent form from the people who don't even own the house anymore....Let me also inform you that none of this information was disclosed to us either verbally or written in the contract....So you can only imagine my anger...Oh and I forgot to tell you that we also found out that there was another lean on the house for an additional $20,000...isn't that just great!!! NOT!!
So I confront my realtor about this and her lack of work/communication that she's even put into this transaction and all she says to me was wow Jenn where is all of this anger coming from if anyone should be angry it should be this owners wife because he took out all of that equity and didn't even tell her....CAN YOU BELIEVE THE NERVE.... I CAN'T BELIVE THAT'S ALL SHE HAD TO SAY.
So anyway tomorrow I'm off to another lawyer's office to see if I'm being jerked around and I have to stop by the bank in the morning as well so I can pick up a bank check for the down payment of the auctioned house tomorrow afternoon, then I have to be at work for 10:30 a.m. Then I have to get out of work pick up the hubby and kids and head over to the auction of the other house....and I'm not even excited about that house because I'm so stressed about this other house... Although this forclosed home is also alittle stressful because in an auction of a home you are not able to go inside the home you can only walk around the property so we don't know what the house inside even looks like...but if we get it cheap we'll have enought money to put into it...so we will see. We really like the outside though...and hubby loves the huge 2 bay garage he wants to start his own pin stripping business in it....but lets not get to ahead of ourselves...I'll update tomorrow.


  1. I hope that today turns out to be the BEST day ever (after the WORST day yesterday). I know it will all work out positively for you guys in the end...sometimes we just have to work a little harder for things we really want (physically AND mentally). In the end, it will make a great story though, right? I would most definately DUMP your realtor though...she doesn't deserve a penny! You are doing the auction on your own, right...so she won't get any money from that?? I am just amazed at her attitude....when we have been frustruated, our realtor has been good at renewing our hope/faith in this house selling process. Anyways, I will ANXIOUSLY be waiting to hear what happens with the auction today!!!! Just sent a prayer your way as well! :)

  2. Yeah I did think of that as well Melissa...This will make for a great story years down the line. Thanks for thinking of me:-)


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