Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When is it our turn

Well we went to the house auction today..I was so nervious and my stomach had butterfly's jumping around in it...Anyway we decided to park down the street because we wanted to wait for the owners (who still live in the house) to leave and it was very awkward especially becauase they had their kids there and everything...But the owner finally came up to our truck to ask what we were doing and we said we were very sorry about the situation but we are here for the house auction. And he started swearing about the bank and how they wanted to sell his house under him after he owned it for 25 years and he only owed $2,000 which he paid up and that the auction was called off...
What a disappointment... We both really loved that house, it would have just fit us and our family...OH well you win some and you loose some...It just seems like we're loosing more than we're winning.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. HOw many more times do we have to get kicked down AND get up again? Some days I feel like just giving up and admitting defeat (wrote about that on my facebook yesterday actually), but I know we will both eventually reach all our goals and we will finally have great peace with our lives! Last night I was thinking about it though and I swear the stroller and the rolling school crates that were both "dropped from the sky" to us when we really could use them are a sign from God that neither one of us has been forgotten by Him. I just know it. What are you doing today?? Bc I think we need to figure out those thread colors and get working on the Footprint cross stitches...they are SOOOOOOO fitting for this point in life for both of us!!! Thinking of you Jenn *HUG* and see you at co-op!

  2. Oh boy Jenn, how awkward and sorry you had to face that whole situation! Your turn will come around!! I don't know why things take so long sometimes, and some doors are shut which we really want open. Maybe looking back later down the road it will all make sense.

  3. OOPS sorry Jenn, that is me, Jenn and not Mike...LOL!! I didn't realized it was signed in as him....hardy har har!


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