Friday, September 4, 2009

Day the the museum

So today we family free day at the Springfield museum, so I took the kids and told them that we were going on our first field trip but it was going to be a surprise.
Normally we would be gathered around our school table but who could pass up a free field trip....So Anyway the kids were worried about their incentive chart and not getting a sticker for school that I told them that they needed to pay attention to everything and when we left the museum Rick would have to tell me in detail 5 new facts that he learned and Caila would have to tell me 3 new facts that she learned and she would get a sticker for the day.... What fun they had...they even had a special exhibit room that was all hands on learning...and don't you know that 2 of the facts that I got from them we're learned in that room. Goes to show ya kids learn by doing...all the more reason to home school...

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  1. How wonderful! We went a couple of weeks ago. It was fun because we don't go often. Pretty picture!


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