Sunday, September 6, 2009

A new month with lots going on...

Well it's back to school for us...the kids have been begging for "school" to start since we moved into our new house. So I made a nice area downstairs where can just leave everything in place and not have to clean up because it's our kitchen table. Everything is going great so far...the kids will be joining a new co-op this year in addition to the other co-op we were in last year. This new co-op is huge and I'm very excited to meet new friends although we already have a shoe in because the person that introduced us to this co-op is a homeschooler too...and and I haven't told you the bast part...she has two boys that are the same age as Rick, so you can imagine how much fun they have been having in the last month.
Hubby and I just celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past week, which was nice although we weren't able to go to Block Island this year we were given a gift certificate to stay at a beautiful hotel and it's righ next door to where Ricky proposed to me.... And my parents bought us a beautiful area rug for our Living room something we really see in our new home it's all hardwood floor so I wanted alittle area for the kids to be able to play and sit on the floor but not have it be uncomfortable....By the way if you get a chance to get hardwood floor "YOU'VE GOT TO DO IT" I can't believe how many time I have to sweep and all that I pick up in a day....I can't imagine how dirty carpets are!!!
We also added a new member to the family...her name is bella and she is just the cutest thing she's about 5 months old and just LOVES our new carpet....needless to say she's been introduced to our spray bottle;) ( I promise I will make a slide show with all new pictures, my papa is in the process of fixing my computer now and I should be getting it back within the next week or so.
Well I'm off for today we're going to a local fair today...another fun day!!


  1. I feel the same exact way about hardwood floors, they are so pretty, too. And yes, the amt of stuff I get off them DAILY is very scary when I consider what must have been lurking in our carpets back in the day. Can you say allergies? ugh! LOL

    Sounds like you had a great anniversary, I'm so glad! Hey are you going to the picnic on Thur?

    I can't wait to hear about your co-op experience this year, maybe I will join next year. ;-)

  2. Jenn!! Jenn!! I've got potatoes!!!! I'm so happy, I have a blog about it that I've scheduled to post on Saturday morning, so I hope you come take a peek at the results.

  3. Visiting from Homeschool Creations :) Happy anniversary and happy teaching. I love hardwood floors too and happy that we have them on our first floor.


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